Fruit Imaging


Started with a focus on photographic services and retouch, Fruit is now increasingly branching out into consultancy and teaching.


Helping organisations and corporations unlocking the huge potentials of a strategic top-down approach to visual communication with photography and moving images.


Fruit Imaging is continuously working with a wide portfolio of customers ranging from independent fine art photographers to agencies and large commercial clients.


Fruit Imaging is headed by Michael Elmkjær Madsen.

Who is Michael ?


Michael has a degree in Photojournalism and has worked with photography, moving images, communication and media for more than 20 years. He started his career as a freelance photographer mainly doing editorial and portrait work for a wide range of magazines and newspapers.

Later he worked on commercial and short form film

projects as videographer, editor and colour grader.


His extensive work experience also spans 3 years as project manager and web editor at O2 Scandinavia and Mondo Solutions.


He is now devoting his time to image editing, teaching and consulting as image specialist for organizations and companies.


Michael is currently working for clients spanning a broad range of sizes and industries, including PwC, Novo Nordisk,

Maersk, Welltec, ANTISTANDARD, We are Open, Post Norden, photographer Helga Theilgaard, Anitta Behrendt Fotografi, photographer Les Kaner, photographer Jacob Dall, photographer and filmmaker Jon Nordstrøm and others.


As a teacher he has worked part time for more than 10 years at Fatamorgana, The Danish School of Art Photography, 2 years at NEXT/KTS, and is currently working closely together with Helga Theilgaard Photography.


Michael is also doing customized and one-to-one courses for anyone with specific needs for training or consulting.



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