Current workshops :



Fredag d. 18. januar til søndag d. 20. januar alle dage fra kl. 9-16.


Sæt turbo på din billedbehandling – tag med på en 3-dages bootcamp med billedbehandler Michael Elmkjær Madsen.

Denne workshop er udviklet af fotografer – for fotografer. Vi tager udgangspunkt i de udfordringer du har med at skulle levere høj kvalitet til dine kunder hver dag samtidig med, at du skal være hurtig og effektiv.



Nu både i Århus og København !



1-årig portrætfotografuddannelse med certificering for dig, der vil mestre kunsten i at fotografere personlige portrætter – og have papir på det!


Uddannelsen begynder d. 23. november 2018.

With Helga Theilgaard Photography.



Courses and workshops

I conduct closed customized courses for groups of employees in individual companies as well as open entry courses. This is done by me alone or with selected collaborators. I work closely with photographer Helga Theilgaard and FOTOLABORATORIET.


Inspiration and strategy

I will do an inspirational presentation at your place based on your use of images and living images. In addition, I will give examples of the impact of appropriate use of images and video for a company.


Competence enhancement

If you or your co-workers/employees need competence enhancement or an inspirational presentation, let me put together just the right program for you.

If you have several employees, who need training in e.g. recording of sound and shooting of images, or you and others in shared office facilities want to improve your Photoshop skills, having a course organized by me might be a good choice.



Do you want to be an image ninja ?

A core skill as an image editor and retoucher, is the ability to lightning fast select and assess photographs. Why is one image better than another ? More suitable for a specific application or usage scenario ? What look or style should you apply ? How do you select images that fits together and tells a coherent story ?


I can teach you how to look at, and work with  photographs like a professional retoucher, enhance the quality of your work in post production, while working in a faster, more efficient and predictable manner.


Get up to speed with looks and style and learn how to develop your own fresh signature look. Be poignant, daring, modern, refined and let your images stand out from the crowd !


All the other technical stuff …

Anything you want to learn about image editing, retouching techniques, color grading, handling of cameras, software or hardware in relation to image work.





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